Micosoft to test Xbox Cloud gaming | Expanding to iOS and PC Browsers

Microsoft games to launch the beta version for its PC and iOS products – Amazing feature to be added to Apple products

Xbox Cloud Gaming

With the pressing demand by web browsers Microsoft Xbox Cloud gaming division at last started paying heed to its users and fan base. As on this Monday the company has announced its plan to test that will begin by tomorrow with Apple phones, tablets and PC browsers containing Windows 10

In a project previously known as Project xCloud, the upcoming development would enable the users from PC with Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari Internet or Google chrome to have access to over 100 Xbox exciting Game with the need of Video Gaming Console. This development is to bring a surprising ease for the user at different platforms irrespective of devices.

There will be need of Compatible Bluetooth or USB connected controller to access the announced services. In addition about more than 50 games are going to be available with custom touch controls for players using phone’s touchscreen. Compatible remotes full list to be found on Microsoft’s website.

This new addition is helping in prevention of need to be near your physical console or connected with home Wi-Fi for full featured streaming of Xbox games over the internet. In addition, it is stated by head of Project xCloud and its vice president, Catherine Gluckstein that its expansion to the web browser will be limited to start.

Availability of beta version will be ensured only Xbox Game pass ultimate members through invitation, Catherine added. As in the environment of flaring competition with Sony, last year in September, Microsoft has launched an attractive priced service to its Xbox cloud gaming for just 1 dollar to new users in the major drive to maintain cutting edge solution at user’s living room.

It is pertinent to mention for users that Xbox Game Pass Ultimate required for invitation is Microsoft’s 15 dollars per month Xbox subscription service that includes Xbox Live Gold. The subscription enables you to over 100 games on Xbox consoles or Pc using Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Apple had been blasted by the company last year to remain the stand-alone platform that denied the user from cloud gaming since the official launch of Xbox Game Pass PC in September last year. Already available on android and PC, Microsoft plans to bring xCould to Apple iOS devices by creating a dedicated app for its users.

Since Apple changed its rules, it remained unable to cool down the tension between Apple and Microsoft. The problem remains with each Xbox game to be dealt as individual app opposing to Microsoft’s demand that all games to be submitted within a single Cloud game portal.

Mired with this impediment the planners in Microsoft are trying to develop other solutions by following other cloud gaming platforms like Amazon’s Luna. Thus trying to prevent the need for prior approval from Apple to bring services to Apple users.


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