Lord of the Rings MMO Game Project Cancelled by Amazon

Among most notable and desired game announced in 2019, fell prey to technicalities in securing title terms.

Lord of the Rings

In a surprising shock to the fans, Amazon studio has cancelled the online playing game for PC and consoles ‘Lord of the Rings’, reported by Bloomberg. Back in 2019 It was planned to be the free to play games after announcing the project with Leyou-owned Athlon Games.

According to the prior announcement from Athlon, the game was destined to be launched on time. But, once after the Tancent holdings acquired Leyou in December and it is said to have reported by Amazon about the disagreement in terms with titles proved vital reason in failure of securing the deal.

It is further reported in addition by Team LOTR about its disappointment in bringing the lovable Lord of the rings IP and unable to produce it for customers. But it is further affirmed that LOTR project will continue to work on other games for the Amazon.

In an upset to game studio launch by Amazon in 2014, it has yet to produce a success story in regards to Online Games. In past it had cancelled few games and ended up in delays for some.  In 2019, The Grand Tour Game got bunch of bad reviews after it was found to have an issue with video adaption and with sum of internal issues including unequal opportunities for men and women. One reason behind this sad episode was painfully slow in-house game engine which the company then was working on to bring improvement.

In a recent response Amazon’s oncoming CEO Andy Jassy has stated that he feel commited to the Video Game Project, which has been launched under the current leadership and founder Jeff Bezoz, who later on this year would step down. ‘’I believe this team will get there if we stay focus on what matters the most’’ Jassay added.

Besides, the news for Amazon to spend spectacular sum on other ventures of Lord of the rings is around. It is reported for Amazon to have plans to pay around 465 million dollars for the LOTR project for the first season of its TV show.

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