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Little care will guarantee your gaming mouse remains dirt-free and clean. This guide for a gaming mouse is going to give you the best solution, help to maintain the mouse in its original condition without leaving any damage and dirt. In most cases, the computer mouse is left with neglect and carelessness, tough remains to be the most used accessory of the computer.

It is pertinent and of the highest importance to keep it maintained and dirt-free when it is to be used in gaming computers. As with little damage and malfunctioning, it can leave a high impact on the Gaming experience and performance.

Keep in mind that the Gaming Mouse is not of paltry investment and costs much for its replacement. Thus it is important to keep it in a condition that lasts longer and suits its cost to performance deliverance.

It is fact that high touch surfaces are prone to remain filled with most of the dirt and the gaming mouse, controller, and keyboard fall in this category. Unfortunately, among other household items, the electronic accessories more effort and time for its cleaning.

The good news is that with the right tools this is going to be super cool, easy, and fun for you. Besides, highly lustrous surfaces are going to give you a special feeling after cleaning while optimum performance is assured.

Keeping its importance in mind this article will give all necessary guidelines in keeping your gaming mouse highly efficient to have optimal experience every time.

All you’ll need for Gaming Mouse Cleaning

  • Alcohol Wipes – Amidst COVID times alcohol wipes are important to disinfect the surface
  • Toothpicks and needles – to get into all nooks and crannies helps in scrapping out stubborn dirt
  • Microfiber Cloth – It is good for cleaning without leaving fiber on the surface
  • Clean, dry rags – helping in dusting and drying of the electronic surfaces
  • Screwdriver and Tweezers – a backup set of tools to disassemble where needed

Gaming Mouse Cleaning Guide

The first and foremost thing is to clean and disinfect your mouse surface. A recent study in the article published by the Independent, it is found out that the average mouse contains 400 times more bacteria than a toilet seat. Failure to clean the desktop with antibacterial wipes can encourage a host of germs and dangerous bugs to breed. An average desktop houses a whopping 20961 germs per square and a staggering 1676 microbes per square inch on Mouse.

Thus, the consequences of uncleanliness are daunting and the only solution to it is cleaning and disinfecting.

Steps towards Mouse Cleaning Process

Cleaning a gaming mouse is the same as cleaning of video gaming controller but with fewer moving parts. Though, such delicate electronic devices need precautions.

Clean the surface by wiping it down with Alcohol Wipes to remove residual debris after cleaning with cloths. Toothpicks and needles are helpful in knocking out stubborn dirt from shells. Hold Microfiber cloth or Cotton Swab and apply meticulously on upper strata surface and mold it along to wipe out ridges. Pieces of dry rags are to be applied on top and bottom to unglue any sticky surface you might experience.

While rubbing alcohol wipes it must be kept in mind not to introduce any such liquid into any exposed circuitry. Keep cotton swabs along to prevent any such mistake which helps out in absorbing it immediately.

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